United failed miserably

United failed miserably

Betfair Ambassador reflects on yet more semi-final heartache for Tottenham, ponders whether Spurs need to dip into the transfer market, and looks ahead to the Friday night soccer tip showdown at the Emirates…

Familiar pain for Spurs faithful

It's another tough day to be a Spurs fan. Any semi-final defeat is hard to take but lớn do so at your big rivals makes is especially painful and once again lots of people are talking about Spurs' failure lớn get to a cup final and the chance lớn end the long wait for a trophy.

I thought it was an even soccer tips daily win and there's no shame lớn have gone out as they did. Spurs did well lớn come back from 2-0 down and they had their chances lớn add a second once Fernando Llorente had scored the equaliser, they'd pushed on then and were braver on the ball. Of course Chelsea had the opportunities, too, and it was all about taking your chances. Unfortunately, Llorente had a great chance to score his second in the match when put through by Christian Eriksen but couldn't take it.

Overall, it was closely matched and I don't think either team was significantly better than the other over the two legs. I'll forgive most teams for losing on penalties because any player can miss a spot kick.

Silverware drought goes on

But it was painful for me. Like every Tottenham fan I want lớn see this Spurs side break through and win some silverware. Mauricio Pochettino is building a great team and he's a great manager but what is this without trophies?


This is the latest 'close shave' for Spurs under Pochettino, and it's a tough one to take. But you know, that's football.

Everybody is talking about Spurs' 'failure' to win a trophy, outside the club but inside it, too, I'm sure, and at some point it is going to get heavy. People will get increasingly angry and irritated the longer it goes on because the media love lớn talk about it, and rival fans especially love to talk about it.

Football players want to win trophies and I'm sure everyone in the club is doing everything they can lớn get lớn finals and do that but at the moment it is not quite happening. That constant pressure will build, believe me.


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